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Feminine Hygiene Services

Comprehensive Feminine Hygiene & Sanitary Bin Services

At WGS Waste Management we work across the South East of England. We deliver a discreet, practical and environmentally friendly feminine hygiene service for all workplace washrooms.

Our washroom services include the supply of feminine hygiene products alongside the supply and collection of sanitary waste bins. From schools to dentists, clinics to offices, we work with a wide range of commercial sectors. The service we provide is flexible and cost-effective. We take pride in offering high quality services that around the requirements of our customers.

Safe and Hygienic Sanitary Bin Service

At WGS, we use the very best in feminine hygiene products. Whether you work in a small family owned company or a multi-national company, we provide the same excellent customer care and service..

Part of our service also includes the supply, collection and disposal of sanitary waste bins and sanitary waste. We cater the service around your needs. Depending on the individual needs of your premises, we offer weekly, fortnightly or four weekly collections.

We collect the sanitary bin waste take it to our modern, sustainable waste plant for disposal. During this service our team will clean and sanitise the sanitary bins. We will also place a deodorising sachet inside the bin to manage any potential odours.

The Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare Regulation, the Water Industries Act and the Environmental Protection Act are the regulations and governing bodies that enforce the process of our sanitary waste disposal service. As a workplace, it is vital that your business premises comply with these regulations by using approved methods of sanitary disposal for all your waste.

Environmentally Conscious Washroom Services

WGS is passionate about helping the environment and ensuring none of the waste we collect ever goes to landfill. Feminine hygiene waste is classified as offensive waste and we ensure this waste is disposed of correctly and inline with the latest regulations.

We are proud to offer a sustainable, eco friendly waste removal service for sanitary products. Any waste and sanitary disposal bins collected by the WGS team is either recycled, reused, sent to make energy from waste, or composted.

For more information on our feminine hygiene and sanitary bin services please contact the WGS team today on 01892 725609 or email Read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

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