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Feminine Hygiene

Hygiene isn’t exclusively a woman’s domain. But it’s still a mighty important area of our business.

In fact, across the South East of England, delivering feminine hygiene products and services to ladies workplace washrooms is a big priority for us. 

Throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey and into London, whether you work in a small family owned company or a multi-national, in the private or public sector, WGS Hygiene Services are dedicated to promoting the very best in sanitary disposal feminine hygiene products.  Have a look in our shop to view what we can provide.

Discreet, practical and there when you need them most. You can rely on WGS to provide a consistent level of service and supply 24/7.  

In the surgery, the clinic, the office or shop, whatever the commercial setting, we believe the modern ladies washroom is all the better for having WGS Hygiene Services as its supplier of sanitary products. 

Where feminine hygiene is concerned, WGS Hygiene Services is on your wavelength.

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