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Hazardous Waste (Orange Bags)

Hazardous waste is classed as material that can pose a substantial or potential threat to public health or the environment.

At WGS Clinical Services, we are experts in the safe removal of all hazardous waste generated from clinical and healthcare organisations throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London. 

As an example, it is commonly known that dental and orthodontic practices accrue substantial amounts of hazardous waste.  In order that all necessary safeguards are in place, our waste technicians are ADR trained in the safe carriage of dangerous goods. This includes the disposal of amalgam and other toxic materials found in the clinical arena.  

We provide collection and disposal services on a daily or weekly basis, or to a timescale that best meets your specific requirements. 

Our focus is on ensuring our customers receive the most cost effective, but at the same time, environmentally and legally compliant removal of dangerous clinical and healthcare waste. This includes medicines and other pharmaceutical equipment. 

As part of our comprehensive service, we will supply you with orange clinical waste bags (5kg Medium Weight or 10kg Heavy Duty capacity) to allow you to separate hazardous clinical material from standard offensive waste, so that we can then ensure its safe disposal, in keeping with current regulatory guidelines.  

As well as providing your annual waste transfer note for non-hazardous fractions and completed Pre-acceptance Audit with your contract, whenever we visit your premises to remove hazardous waste, you will also receive a fully completed consignment note for you to keep on file.

Whatever your type of clinical establishment, if you are involved with hazardous waste, there is a responsibility on your part – as well as ours – to ensure it is correctly stored and disposed of. 

If you require any assistance in this area, WGS Clinical Services can provide you with all the expertise you need.

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