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Hygiene Services for Schools

At WGS Waste Management, we have been named a Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Facilities Management and workplace service framework supplier.

This allows us to provide schools, colleges and universities with high quality, great value waste collection, storage, and disposal services at great prices. We can dispose of hygiene, clinical and medical waste, along with offering recycling solutions.

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supports the public sector to gain the greatest commercial value when buying common goods and services.

School Waste Management Services

We provide a complete range of waste management services to the education and public sector, including:

  • Hygiene Services: This includes feminine hygiene waste, eco friendly air fresheners and urinal odour control solutions.
  • Classified Waste Disposal: This includes all confidential waste documentation.
  • Clinical Waste Management: This includes hazardous waste, sharps, offensive waste, and pharmaceutical waste.
  • Sustainable Waste: None of the waste collected goes to landfill.

Why Should I use a CCS Supplier?

There are many great reasons to use a Crown Commercial Service supplier:

  • Dependability: You can have faith that you are receiving knowledgeable guidance and solutions.
  • Reliability: You can have the peace of mind that we have been verified as having comprehensive experience in what we do.
  • Eco Friendly: We can help you achieve your Carbon Net Zero goals.
  • Transparency: We will build a contract around your unique needs.
  • Social Value Requirements: We are committed to achieving specific social values like achieving low emission vans and working sustainability. We will take pride in helping you achieve your own.

The Benefits of Good Waste Management in a School

Efficient waste management in schools improves student wellbeing and performance, along with many other merits, including:

  • Better Health: Reduced risk of illnesses and improved health.
  • Less Distractions: Minimised distractions, helping focus on studies.
  • Aids Sustainability: Environmental awareness and sustainability education.
  • Improves Learning Environment: Aesthetic appeal and an improved learning environment.
  • Helps Mental Health: Contribution to positive mental health and wellbeing.
  • Improves Community: Encourages responsibility and community engagement.

We understand how essential it is to promote good hygiene, sanitary support, and waste management at educational establishments like a school, nurseries, and other learning facilities. We are dedicated to providing the best solutions to support the cleanliness and hygiene of your school.

It is crucial to provide schools with the correct waste management, especially for washrooms and toilets. We can provide you with a variety of waste management to ensure your school and students have the right hygiene support. If you would like additional information on our School Hygiene Services, contact us today.

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