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A public restroom smelling lovel due to odor control

Odour control

Fab 30 - 30 days fragrance screen – For Fabulously scented restrooms

Fab 30 – Fully recyclable Fragrance delivery screen for urinals to prevent splashback and give 30 days of fragrance. With Neutra-lox malodour eliminator.

The Fab 30 screens are impregnated with high-impact fragrances for a fresh smelling restroom.

Flexible and Discreet design – The Fab 30 has and innovative flexible design that can fit in to any urinal. The unique design acts as a net to trap debris keeping the drain clean. It significantly reduces the spread of germs throughout the facility.

Eliminates Urine splash back - Innovative Mesh Design with angled groves, eliminates splash – back and keeps the urinal area clean. This also curtails the cleaning time.

Available in 10 High impact Designer fragrances.

Now choose and match the fragrance of Fab 30 with Oxy-gen Pro fragrant cartridges for a fresh – smelling restroom.

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