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Do I need Sanitary Bin Services for my Workplace?

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October 13, 2022

Do I need Sanitary Bin Services for my Workplace?

Yes, there are regulations that businesses need to adhere to when it comes to sanitary bins. Businesses, workplaces and public buildings all have a responsibility to manage sanitary waste on their premises correctly and safely, and this extends to the point of final disposal.

Am I legally required to provide sanitary bins?

You are legally required to provide staff with a hygienic place to dispose of sanitary waste in bathrooms in the workplace. There are a range of sanitary waste disposal regulations that businesses need to be aware of. These include:

  • Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992
  • Water Industries Act 1991
  • Environmental Protection Act 1990

These regulations not only protect women’s rights, they are also key to preventing harm to the environment, public sewers and waste disposal systems.

Sanitary Waste Disposal Regulations

  • The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations Act 1992 states that all employers are responsible for making sure washrooms are clean and any waste is removed regularly. All female toilets should be provided with a suitable method for disposing of sanitary waste.
  • The Water Industries Act 1991 states that items that could cause blockages or issues within the sewer and drainage systems should not be flushed.
  • The Environmental Protection Act 1990 places a legal Duty of Care on those who handle the sanitary waste. Businesses are required to manage the process up to the disposal of waste and to hire a licensed carrier.

How often should sanitary bins be emptied?

This will depend on the frequency they are used as well as the size of the bin. Collections are typically weekly, fortnightly or four weekly, we do not recommend leaving waste any longer than this.

Failure to dispose of sanitary waste correctly and using an unlicensed carrier can result in hefty fines for businesses so it’s crucial you work with a reputable waste management company. A licensed waste carrier will provide you with an audit compliant trail of documentation so that you can prove you have disposed of any sanitary waste legally.  

Where can I find a licensed waste carrier?

You can ask any waste management company for the licenses they hold or look them up here on the environmental agencies public register:

WGS Waste Management are licensed waste carriers and we cover the areas of Kent, Sussex and the South East. Our reliable, discreet and flexible feminine hygiene service for workplaces includes a range of feminine hygiene bins, designed to carefully fit alongside the toilet. With their pedal operation for additional hygiene, our team will collect and dispose of all sanitary waste and service and maintain your sanitary bins. Oxygen units are provided to ensure your washroom always smell pleasant and you can choose the fragrance for your washroom air fresheners.

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