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Sanitary Bin Services Croydon

Sanitary Bin Services

Welcome to WGS Waste Management.

We are a professional team, who provide dedicated, discreet and sustainable feminine hygiene solutions for commercial washrooms across Kent, Sussex and the South East. This also includes the supply of sanitary bins and sanitary products, which are then collected on a regular basis. Our reliable team supply hygiene services in many different businesses, including schools, clinics, dentists, offices and a range of other venues. We offer flexible contracts, and cost effective services.

Sanitary Waste Disposal Service

Our business is committed to providing an outstanding quality of washroom solutions. We provide and refresh washroom supplies, in a wide selection of organisations, including everything from small companies, to large, worldwide corporations.

We run an organised and effective feminine waste bin supply, collection and disposal solution. Our business is independent, and takes pride in being a versatile sanitary disposal service, that can work around the requirements of every unique customer. Our reliable team can provide you with weekly, fortnightly or four weekly collection services and we will always get rid of the waste in a sustainable way. We sanitise each bin as part of your service, and then add a deodorising sachet, so that it remains fresh, until we next collect it.

Sustainability at the Forefront

We are fully dedicated to supplying fully sustainable, eco friendly waste collection and disposal. We ensure that none of the waste is taken to landfill.  It will either be reused, recycled, composted or turned into energy.

Washroom waste is classified as offensive waste but you can be reassured that we will take of every element of the waste and that it will be handled following the correct guidelines. We always follow to the appropriate regulations of the relevant governing bodies, including The Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare Regulation,  the Environmental Protection Act and The Water Industries Act. It is obligatory that businesses follow the right rules, and utilise the correct methods of sanitary disposal.

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