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Air Fresheners and Sanitizers

It’s essential that your commercial washroom is equipped with an appropriate level of air fresheners and sanitizers if you want the environment to remain pleasant and hygienic at all times.   

At WGS, as part of our service to customers throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London, we are on hand to install equipment and keep supplies regularly stocked, so that toilet areas stay in an acceptable and sanitary state.  

Our comprehensive range of sprays and sanitizers will provide you with everything you need to keep your washrooms fresh and fragrant and free from unwanted smells and odours.  

WGS products include battery operated air fresheners that provide metered doses of fragrance which is emitted at timed intervals into the restroom space.  

For your staff and visitors, it’s so important that the washroom facilities on your premises exude cleanliness all day, every day. At WGS we will ensure they stay that way.  

To assist you further, why not browse through our great range of air fresheners and sanitizers in our online shop.

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