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Retail Business Case Study

February 22, 2024

Transforming Washroom Services for an Award-Winning Retail Business


Our client is an award-winning family-owned retail business. With its headquarters and distribution warehouse based in Kent, they have over 600 employees who speak more than 25 languages.

The company, known for its commitment to sustainability and the environment, faced challenges with its previous waste management company. Despite this company being a large, well-known national company, the service was consistently lacking in various aspects. After a year of unsuccessful attempts to communicate and resolve on-going issues, the decision was made to find a new supplier that aligned more closely with the company's values.

Research and Selection Process:

The search for a new waste management company involved thorough research into local companies that shared the company's values.  Researching online in search engines and using previous knowledge of other companies, the company considered various options and consulted with local businesses for recommendations.

After shortlisting potential candidates, the team met with each company. Among the contenders, WGS emerged as the standout choice due to their alignment with the client's values, proven reliability, and positive feedback from other local businesses.

The Approach:

WGS was chosen to provide air freshening units and FHU waste removal services for over 20 staff restrooms, as well as air freshening units in the main entrances.

The transition from the previous supplier to WGS marked a significant improvement. WGS demonstrated a commitment to delivering a stress-free, fast, efficient, and friendly service. Notably, the flexibility and responsiveness of the service stood out, accommodating any changes required to meet the dynamic needs of the retail business.

The Results:

The impact of partnering with WGS has been transformative for the retail business. The stress-free and efficient approach, coupled with the adaptability to changing business needs, has significantly improved their overall experience.

In conclusion, the client highly recommends WGS for their outstanding performance and alignment with the company's values. In the company's words:

"Really cannot recommend WGS highly enough. Absolutely amazing team!"
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