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Cherry Bones Tattoo

September 27, 2021


Aimee from Cherry Bones Tattoo in Peacehaven was struggling with her existing waste management company and did not know where to turn. After two negative experiences with different companies, she thought that all waste management companies were the same. That’s where we come in!

Aimee said that every process with her existing waste management company was extremely difficult. From setting up her account correctly, to many missed collections – she was extremely upset with the service she received. Even after formal complaints to multiple senior management, she was not being listened to and the poor service continued. Not only was the service awful, but also extremely unsafe. Aimee was mortified at their suggestion to leave the clinical/sharps waste bags on the pavement outside of the shop, they would be along to collect in a week or so. This is particularly dangerous as the waste could get into the wrong hands. 

Our Approach

Just when Aimee thought all hope was lost, one of her clients mentioned that her friend’s husband works for a waste management company, and they could help! Aimee was very worried that there would be a gap between her existing waste management company and switching to WGS – but we made it as easy and quick as possible. Aimee says that when she first got in touch with WGS, it felt like a dream. 

We now provide Aimee with fortnightly clinical and sharps waste collection services. She noted that WGS have been more affordable than her previous company, whilst providing an infinitely better service. Aimee says that the WGS team arrive in masks and gloves, are always friendly and pop in to ask if the team at Cherry Bones Tattoo require any more yellow waste bags or additional disposal. Aimee referenced a previous time when the WGS team were more than happy to take some additional sharps waste and simply amend the bill with no fuss. 

The Results

Aimee has said that since being a client of WGS, her mental wellbeing has been restored and she no longer worries about her waste being collected on a regular basis. She has finally breathed a sigh of relief knowing that there is always room in her bins for waste that she needs – no more squeezing the waste into the bin. Aimee has saved time since not having to regularly ring her waste management company to complain and her business is now running seamlessly once more. Every aspect of the WGS service has fitted in with how she likes to run her business - prioritising that everything is clean, sterile, and safe. 

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