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BIOGROUP Laboratory Case Study

November 25, 2021


BIOGROUP is one of the leading biological testing and analysis laboratory groups in Europe. The UK branch of BIOGROUP is based in London and provides more than 100,000 private COVID-19 tests a week.

BIOGROUP in London were using a large, national waste management company for their clinical waste collection and disposal. Unfortunately, they were faced with constant issues when the waste company regularly failed to collect the entirety of their clinical waste, leading to numerous waste bags piling up in their laboratory. Despite the efforts of BIOGROUP through numerous phone calls, promises of collections proved unsuccessful as the waste company was extremely unresponsive.

This issue continued and became a regular occurrence each week. At times BIOGROUP’s yellow bins were collected but not replaced leaving their team with nowhere to dispose of their clinical waste. It became a frustrating and time consuming process that needed to be resolved.

Our Approach

Wioleta at BIOGROUP decided to look for a new waste management company and started with a search on Facebook. This search brought up our WGS Facebook page and Wioleta was instantly attracted to the fact that we are a family run company who deal with local clients. From both the Facebook page and the WGS website Wioleta could see that WGS genuinely cared about their customers – something BIOGROUP felt very drawn to following their experience with their current waste company. The story on the WGS website regarding how the company was formed with our founders and also husband and wife team, Louise and Paul, further highlighted the family run, personal aspect to WGS.

Wioleta contacted WGS and we were thrilled to discuss our services with her. Since that time we have been providing BIOGROUP with a regular clinical waste and confidential waste disposal and collection service for their laboratory and 7 walk in test centres across London.

The Results

Wioleta has stated that she couldn’t be happier with the service provided by WGS. It is reliable and responsive with no need to ever waste time chasing like she use to with her old waste company. The service is conducted to a high standard and provides Wioleta and the whole of BIOGROUP with peace of mind.  Not only this, Wioleta also likes the fact that we are flexible in our approach and work around our customers, conducting regular reviews of our contracts to ensure our clients are happy and whether the service needs to be adjusted in any way.

In Wioleta’s words: “They are brilliant.”

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