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What to look for in a Great Waste Management Company

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May 2, 2018

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When you’re looking for a company with the right credentials to handle your commercial waste management in its entirety, the last thing you want to do is mess up on who you appoint.

In an age where we are generating increasing volumes of dangerous and contaminated waste material, when there is an unprecedented duty of care on the part of the business owner to act responsibly in terms of how waste is handled and where regulation and procedures are becoming ever more stringent, there really is no place for “rubbish” suppliers.

At the same time, disposing of waste is the last thing with which most organizations want to be overly fixated - whether it’s harmful material generated in a private clinic or harmless cardboard crying out to be re-cycled.  Waste may be an inevitable by-product of the working environment, but it is certainly not meant to be the main focus of attention in the course of the working day. A case of out of sight, out of mind would be the opinion of most!

Ideally, you want a gold plated supplier that can be relied upon to take the waste hassle off your hands so efficiently you’d hardly know they’d been.   One minute the waste is stored for collection on your premises (that’s your responsibility), the next it’s gone (that’s the Waste Company’s job). The process should all work like clockwork!

As long as this situation prevails, and it isn’t costing a small fortune, then you should be on to a winner. It’s only if that ceases to be the case, or never really has been the case, that you need look for alternatives.

It’ll probably be blindingly obvious if things aren’t working quite as they should; you haven’t been supplied with the correct receptacles to segregate your waste correctly; the collections don’t take place when you expect them to; the collection area looks like a bomb site (after the collection); or bins are left unemptied and crammed full of waste for days on end before someone turns up to take them away. But you still get billed for the “service” regardless.  That’s when you know there’s an issue to address.   

It’s certainly a problem you shouldn’t be expected to face. It is completely unacceptable to have any “leftovers” after your waste is collected. There should be no evidence of waste whatsoever, worse still the potential for any contamination.

So here’s what you should look for in a bona fide provider:

Transparency – no hidden costs. It should be made crystal clear exactly what your level of service will be and the price breakdown for each element of that service. A supplier of substance will be happy to share this information.

Reputation - look for a company with a strong track record, one that has been around the block and can demonstrate sound industry experience. Are they compliant with current regulations and industry approved? Check to see what other clients are saying about them. Are there testimonials to support their claims, for instance?

Service focused - do they provide assistance and advice on how your waste is stored? Do they provide you with specialist equipment so that you can segregate waste according to how it should be graded? Are they up on legislation?  Do they inform you of any changes or guidelines that you should be looking out for - even if, ultimately, the buck stops with you? Indications that the waste supplier is keen to share information and suggest an appropriate course of action, if required, is always a good sign.

Bespoke Collections - will the company collect to a schedule that is compatible with your requirements, rather than one that suits them? If your supplier is adamant that they will be along once a week, but you need a daily collection service, then something’s amiss.  A reputable firm should provide daily collections where necessary but, regardless of timescale, a service that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Good Communicators - is there a good line of communication between you and them? Do phones get answered when you call and are they responsive to any issues that may arise?

A Professional Approach - collecting waste can be a dirty business but a good waste supplier will go the extra mile to make the process as hygienic and efficient as possible. There is no excuse for sloppiness. Do their operatives turn up in uniform, in vehicles that are clean and liveried?  You should expect a professional level of service at all times.

A One Stop Solution – a waste management company of note will provide a comprehensive collection covering all areas of waste - hazardous, non-hazardous and recyclable. They should also have a definitive range of hygiene products to supply your washrooms and other “clean” areas within the workplace. If you are currently using several providers for these various services, then consider streamlining the operation by working with a consummate supplier that can cover all your waste and hygiene requirements.

Eco-Friendly – do they demonstrate green credentials?  If you are keen on recycling, for instance, you’ll want to work with a firm that not only says it is environmentally friendly, but actually practices what it preaches.

If you can put a tick alongside all the above, then you won’t go far wrong.

You have a reputation to uphold and there is more to disposing of waste than merely organizing a rubbish collection service. You need a company that can provide a one stop solution to your waste management requirements, accommodating all areas of your business, if needs be.

Above all, don’t settle for mediocrity – because ultimately it could be damaging to your business. 

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