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July 1, 2018

Perfect Fit Dental Care Collections

Until recently, if you lived in a particular part of Allington in Maidstone, the chances are you could be woken at four o’clock in the morning by the sound of refuse collectors going about their business. 

These pre-dawn disturbances were due to the removal of clinical and recyclable waste from the Identics Dental Care Practice, which happens to be situated in a predominantly residential area of the Kent town. 

Mindful of the nuisance factor and keen to be good neighbours, the successful and growing private surgery decided the time had come to make a stand against their service supplier. Either they collected waste at a reasonable hour of day, or they’d have to be replaced.

Unable to reach a satisfactory arrangement and with the expiry of their contractual obligations, Identics went looking for a waste management company that would be a little more understanding. One that would respect the wishes of the business and have some consideration for sleep-deprived locals, by agreeing to make waste collections from the premises at a more agreeable hour!  

“This had become quite a big issue for us and we were anxious to find a satisfactory solution,” recalled Identics Practice Manager Leigh Oliver.  “It has always been the priority of our practice to provide a first-class dental service to the local community and we didn’t feel it was at all fair that our waste was being collected at anti-social times of the day, causing unnecessary disturbance.”

Identics’ search for a new waste management supplier that could take care of all their clinical and recyclable materials, led them to WGS – and what a good match it has proved to be, as Leigh explained.

“I cannot speak highly enough of WGS and we are very happy with the service they provide.  They collect all our clinical waste once a month and our cardboard and general waste at the same time every week – importantly this is always during business hours, which is far more agreeable to us and to the nearby homeowners. 

“They have been incredibly supportive and extremely flexible in their collection service, to the point that they have even re-routed their collections around our Friday opening times.

“WGS are extremely pro-active and always seem to be ahead of the game, coming up with solutions before we even realise there might actually be a problem. They never let us down and to cap it all, they are very friendly, smartly dressed and nice people to work with,”  Leigh said.   

Identics has gone strength to strength since setting up with a small team of dentists five years ago. The practice now employs around 18 staff and has well over 2000 patients registered – a figure which could double over the next few years.  

“As we continue to grow, the responsible collection of waste will be an increasingly important element of the Practice’s business operation, so to know that we have such a reliable and conscientious supplier as WGS is very reassuring,” Leigh added.

WGS Waste Managing Director Paul Large said the communication between his staff and Identics was vitally important. “A close understanding of our client’s requirements is a key part of maintaining an efficient waste management service. 

“Identics is an extremely professional and well-run practice and we look forward to playing  an important, on-going role in their future development,” he added. 

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