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Sharps Disposal Croydon

Sharps Waste Disposal in Croydon

In all clinical environments you are likely to find hazardous, non-hazardous and cytotoxic sharps. WGS are proud to offer a sharps disposal service available in Croydon which covers all syringes, needles, stitch cutters and shards of bone. Sharps can be highly dangerous and are classed in correspondence to the level of contamination risk they pose. It is vital that all of these sharps waste items are sealed, this will prevent any puncture wounds or injury during handling. It is important that all sharps waste is organised correctly into hazardous or non-hazardous containers before being safely removed from the workplace.

We work with all clients to ensure their waste, storage and disposal is taken care of in line with the Hazardous Waste Regulations. When a new client comes on board, we supply them with all of the necessary sharps disposal bins which are all colour coded according to the type of sharp, type of premises they are taken from and the regulations that they must follow. All sharp boxes come with wall brackets which helps keep surfaces clear and free from hazards.

Small Beauty Businesses

From multibranched clinics to small, independent businesses such as at home beauticians, microblading specialists or aesthetic practitioners, they all need a sharps box, a safe waste management system and the correct documentation in place! We can help with all sized businesses - please get in touch.

Why Choose WGS for your waste disposal?

WGS always ensure that all waste disposal goes ahead in a responsible and professional manner. We make it our mission to offer a one-stop waste system which is honest and transparent. It is our priority to always be clean, professional and environmentally friendly within all of our services. Our organisation prides itself on being friendly, approachable and getting to know each of our clients on an individual basis. We believe in the importance of removing waste safely and as environmentally friendly as possible, and we are here to help others do the same by keeping waste in safe hands, under control and responsibly disposed of.

Our base in the heart of Kent, midway between Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells. We are based in the countryside which is a constant reminder of why we are in this business and what we believe in – being clean, tidy, environmentally friendly and in harmony with nature. We can carry out all clinical waste collection and sharps disposal at a time to suit your business. Whether it is monthly, weekly, fortnightly or on whatever basis suits you. We can carry out the collection at a time to suit your business so that we aren't in the way during customer hours.

For more information or for your free quote, please get in touch using the form at the top of this page or give us a call on 01892 725 609.

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