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Sharps Disposal Crawley

Sharps Waste Disposal in Crawley

If you are familiar with any clinical environment, you will most likely be aware of hazardous, non-hazardous and cytotoxic sharps which are present in all clinics. WGS offer a professional, efficient sharps disposal service covering West Sussex and the neighbouring areas. 'Sharps' is the name for all needles, syringes, stitch cutters and shards of bone. They all have to be disposed of correctly as they can be dangerous if not disposed of safely. They are classed in correspondence to the risk level that they pose. We seal all sharp waste items in order to avoid puncture wounds and injury during handling. All sharps waste is organised into hazardous and non-hazardous containers before being taken from the workplace.

We have a range of clients from a range of clinical environments. From large doctor units to small beauty businesses - as long as you have sharps which need to be removed - we can help! All of our waste disposal is carried out in line with the Hazardous Waste Regulations. When you become a client, we will give youa ll of the necessary sharps disposal bins - which are all colour coded per type of sharp, type of premises they are from and their particular regulations to follow. They all also come with wall brackets to keep surfaces free from hazards.

Beauty Businesses

We can cater for all businesses! Whether you are a small, independent microblading/beauty/aesthetics business working from home, it is essential that a safe hazardous waste system is in place along with the correct documentation. We can safely manage all of your sharps waste.

Why Choose us?

We prioritise disposing of waste responsibly and professionally. We offer a one-stop waste management system for all clinical establishments which is both honest and transparent. It is within our company ethos to always be clean, professional and deliver an environmentally friendly service. Our team are approachable, polite and friendly. We get to know every client - tailoring our service to their needs and budget.

We carry out waste collections on a basis to suit the client. Whether that is on a regular or irregular basis and inside or outside of opening hours - we will alter our service to suit you.

For more information or for your free quote, please get in touch! Either use the form at the top of this page or call us on 01892 725609.

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