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Dental Waste Disposal in East Grinstead

Welcome to WGS Waste!

Trusted Dental Waste Disposal in East Grinstead

WGS offer a waste management system which covers all of your waste streams (no need for subcontractors). We work with many different practices including Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics and Maxillo-Facial Clinics. We require just one monthly payment to cover all of your various waste collections. You only pay for the waste that you produce!

We are proud to be Waste Management Specialists who have built up a trusted reputation locally and throughout the whole of Sussex, Kent, Surrey and London. We get to know dental surgeries and understand how busy they can be. All waste must be segregated, stored and disposed of safely and efficiently. We always adhere to the latest government legislation and environmental standards. We offer a high quality, trusted waste management service which is efficient and affordable.

The service can be tailored to your exact requirements. We handle the supply and disposal of all clinical waste bags, sharps, confidential waste (including office papers and patient records), recyclable waste and amalgam waste. The waste is isolated, stored correctly and disposed of in independent receptacles with corresponding containers.

Amalgam Disposal

Amalgam collection is vital in all dental clinics. 50% of amalgam is made from mercury, which can be hazardous to staff and patients. Our range of amalgam disposal containers are UN approved so all tooth boxes, amalgam guard, capsules and sludge which can contain mercury vapour can all be disposed of safely. We offer mercury suppressant liquid kits which are designed to be leak proof and prevent harmful exposure as they are a proven vapor suppressant solution. The amalgam disposal process is eco friendly and it will be sent for recycling alongside all hazardous waste.

Dental Receptacles

WGS will make sure that your practice is compliant with government storage and disposal safety regulations. We will supply you with a range of receptacles:

  • All amalgam disposal products
  • Bridge and crown pots (precious metal containers for recovery and refund)
  • Cytotoxic containers (for aesthetics clinics i.e botox)
  • Pharmaceutical waste (out of date LA cartridges, sedation drugs)
  • Postcoded bag times for safety, traceability and security
  • Mercury vapour suppressant liquid kits
  • 770 and 1100 litre lockable wheelie bins
  • Orange clinical waste bags in 5kg or 10kg
  • Yellow lidded sharps containers with wall brackets
  • Lead foil developer and fixer (for dentists without digital photography)

Our waste collection service can include cardboard recycling (we offer various sized wheelie bins), confidential waste (hessian bags or boxes provided), and feminine hygiene products for staff and patient toilets.

For a reliable, personal service - don't look elsewhere! See the government guidance on the disposal and management of healthcare waste and get in touch with our team!

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