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Confidential Waste Service 

When running a business, there are certain pieces of sensitive information that must be safeguarded due to the Data Protection Act. This includes information relating to staff, customers and any other parties you may have gathered information on through business. Appropriately destroying these data and documents is a vital part of business practices, and can be quite a task once all the paperwork has piled up. In order to ensure that confidential information does not become available to the public or to those with malicious intent, you must trust the people responsible for securely shredding such information. 

WGS Waste Management offers an off-site shredding service for all sizes of company across London and Greater London. Our methods are always environmentally-friendly and we work flexibly to meet your waste disposal requirements. We are happy to collect confidential waste on whatever schedule suits you, be it daily, weekly, monthly or on another basis. As a fully accredited company, you can relax knowing that your documents are in safe hands. 

We can tailor our services according to your preferences. For instance, some of our clients prefer to shred their own documents prior to collection, whilst others ask us to take away their papers for off-site shredding. Our helpful team will work according to your needs, providing you with a secure service at every stage of the disposal process. We provide you with industry approved storage containers, so you can securely store your documents prior to their collection. After every service, you will receive a certificate of destruction. 

Why choose us? 

WGS has a remarkable reputation as an industry-leader in providing confidential shredding services, recycling solutions and waste disposal services across London and the South East of England. Our goal is to make your waste management process much easier, more flexible and highly efficient. We operate with total professionalism and transparency, prioritising the customer experience above all. 

We take pride in our reputation and personalised service, and are always aiming for positive feedback from our clients. One of our clients said:

"Brenchley Dental have been using the services of WGS for many years. They are reliable, professional and are always available for extra deliveries and collections when required. It has been a difficult year for many industries, especially with many having to close during the first lock down period. WGS paused our invoices without hesitation, and they only resumed our scheduled collections after we informed them that we were ready to do so. I would highly recommend WGS."

Do not take risks when it comes to confidentiality. Without the proper care, fraud can happen. By working with us, you can be confident that your documents are securely handled and destroyed. Get in touch today to find out more about our affordable shredding services or to discuss other waste disposal needs. Contact a member of our team by filling in the form below, or give us a call on 01892 725609

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